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We hired Harringay Landscape Designers to assist in our garden design. They crafted a gorgeous garden, it looks exactly the way I had pictured. I would recommend them to anyone in need of expert gardeners. Amazingly low prices too!

  • Hattie Wilkenson

I would use this hedge trimming service again for sure, very pleased with the results.

  • B. Liams

For the first time in years, my lawn looks beautiful! The lawn care experts at GardenersHarringay really know grass and soil. They were able to diagnose an insufficiency in my soil and once it got fixed, my grass started to look green and lush. Fantastic!

  • Stephen Mancuso

I was very, very impressed with the gardeners at Gardeners Harringay! They did a great job all the way around.

  • Diana J.

Competitive pricing, and quality hedge trimming! Nice work! My bushes actually look like bushes now! Thank you Garden Maintenance Service Harringay!

  • H. Horton

I never realised how easy it was for a patio to get dirty. I had had one installed a few months ago and it seems to attract a lot of dirt and dust. I couldn't keep on top of the job myself so I've had GardenersHarringay handle it for me. Their staff have taken care of the patio cleaning ever since and have always done a terrific job. I'm starting to forget what a dirty patio looks like ever since they took over.

  • Curtis Hughes

We had a few different jobs carried out in our garden by Lawn Care Company Harringay including hedge trimming, the digging of a pond and some landscaping. The guys worked tirelessly throughout the days they were at our place and we really couldn't fault their work ethic. A great team that we wouldn't hesitate to use again!

  • Mark Walker

The professional hedge trimming service from Harringay Landscape Designers has made a big, big difference to my garden. It looks cleaner, it looks bigger and the service was fast and cheap. Very good job!

  • Jeremy K.

Lawn Care Company Harringay are totally reliable. I've used their garden maintenance services a couple of times now; they always turn up bang on time, and work quickly and efficiently to clear away any mess and leave my garden tidier than when they arrive. A brilliant company providing hassle-free services.

  • Brendon J.

Choose Gardeners Harringay if you need any gardening help. I have used them several times for various gardening services, like weeding, lawn care and general garden maintenance. They never let me down and always impress me with their incredible work. Plus, I am yet to find better prices than theirs. So if you need help in the garden, I highly recommend this company. You won't find better around, trust me. There's really no competition. This company is the best.

  • Adrian Hubble

I wanted to remove the trees in my garden but I knew I couldn't do it safely or properly myself. That is why I called up GardenersHarringay to handle things for me. Their expert staff were able to fell the trees without problem and ensure that it was done in a way that didn't harm the rest of my plants. They did fine work and I heartily recommend their services.

  • Olive

I use Harringay Landscape Designers for a multitude of garden maintenance services, including lawn mowing, lawn maintenance, leaf collection and weed control and I could not live without them! My garden is extremely difficult to maintain and keep looking presentable, but with the help of this team, the job is taken off my shoulders and made easier for me! I would like to say a huge thanks to the team!

  • Victoria R.

I was thrilled with the weeding service I used when I moved into my new rental home. I was busy with work, I didn't have a lot of free time and needed help. A friend recommended GardenersHarringay and made arrangements with the gardening experts. The gardeners arrived on time, dressed in a tidy work uniform, and equipped with plenty of tools for the job. The weeding was a big job as the garden was huge! Anyway, the gardeners soon sorted it out and made a neat and tidy look for the garden. I will be using their services in the future.

  • Dennis Patterson

Gardening Company Harringay provided me with an affordable easy way to keep my garden looking neat and trim. They provided me with the exact service I needed and made everything look very simple and straightforward. I can't thank their team enough for all the effort they put into my job, and the price I paid for the work definitely made it worthwhile.

  • Danny Bates

Are you looking to add some new plant life to your garden? How about a pond? Want a tree? Some hedges? If so, you should call Gardening Company Harringay like I did. Once I sent for them, I was guaranteed the best garden. Their team put in many hours of hard work to ensure my garden was attractive, calm, clean, healthy and perfect. I love my garden infinitely more than I used to, all because of the landscaping results they provided for me.

  • Anne Page

Your men were polite and hard working. I like the fact that they took into consideration my opinions on the landscape design prior to the work. They made the whole process seem simple and easy. Your team consists of a bunch of happy guys who love what they do! Tremendous energy and a love for gardening are some of the reasons why I love your team. Thanks a ton, GardenersHarringay, for transforming my garden; I absolutely love the new design.

  • Ben S.

Having had bad experiences with garden companies in the past, I was feeling a tad sceptical about hiring the garden maintenance service from Gardeners Harringay. Even though I hired them based on a recommendation from a friend, I was still fearing the worst when their gardeners turned up at my door. But my uncertainties were quickly put to bed as their gardeners went about their work and delivered me with a five star service. I'm glad to say that I've finally found a gardening company I can put my faith into.

  • Stephen T.

Every year before the schools are out for summer, I book Gardeners Harringay to come and do a garden tidy up. It's always nice to start the holidays with the garden looking spick and span and they are so cheap, it's really no bother! If you need garden clearance, you should call them.

  • Andy M.

My garden was an absolute mess, it was neglected for months before I used Gardeners Harringay's services. Their team of expert gardeners transformed and tidied it into a pleasant and welcoming garden. The back yard has never looked better. I am looking forward to the re-designing and landscaping of the front garden which the team will be starting next week.

  • Jessica Grey

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